Friday, November 16

Yeah. I think that nobody reads this blog, but it's ok for me. i don't really care about it. I am not sad. I am always with a little thing inside me that I cannot feel what I want: happiness. But I am really ok with this today. I am not worried, I am not really sad. But I missing him very much. I wish I could see him again. I don't know when, where and how, but I really want to see him. He is the sense of my life nowadays. Shit. Again.

Wednesday, November 14

I am a little bit sad today. I don't want to write anymore. I think nerver more too. Shit! Shit! Shit! :o(
In English doesn't have the word 'saudade'. May be it's because of it that I am writing in English in this blog. I don't want to feel it. "Saudade" means... like you are missing someone, so you're feeling saudades of someone, can you understand?! Yeah. I am missing him a lot this week. Why is he in U.S.A?! Why I have to love him?! Shit.
I changed my template... just a little bit. I wrote my favorite bands. I am going to put a Reblogger in my blog, but I am afraid. I think that nobody is going to write there. But I will try. And I put my email too. So, send me one if you want. Just it for today. I think.

Tuesday, November 13

Now I am going to talk about music. I really do love Matchbox Twenty!! They really rock my world. I love them very much!! And if you love them too, join the club! ;o) I like Belle and Sebastian, their music is such a great thing, isn't it?! And they are cute too, but I prefer MbT. I like all rock music. But I won't write all the bands here. Not today.
Is there anyone here from Boston, Massachusetts??? If you are reading this, please just write me a mail, ok?! I am very curious about this city. ;o)
I love a boy that is in Boston right now. Yeah. You should thought: “poor girl”. Ok. Sometimes I do agree with you, but sometimes I just don’t feel this. I think life is life and we really have to be happy, you know?! I am not going to write his name here, because I think that he can just don’t like to be in the Internet. So I call him just somebody :oP I think that I love him. I am not pretty sure about it, but I do like him. Yeah. How sad is it, anh? Yes, a little bit. But I am getting used of it. I am really better than August [the month that he left]. I think that I don’t like U.S.A very much because of him. I guess that this country just made him went away. It’s a little bit ok now. I think that he is going to make me a better person. Now I know how to be a sad person. Isn’t good. Yeah, I think that this is horrible, but I am sure that one day I will over myself about him. I am quite sure of it. :o)
I am not going to do a layout for my blog. I am going to use one of Blogger. I don’t know html really well and I just don’t have time to do it. So… I hope you don’t mind. But if you care a lot about it, just send me a beautiful layout and I swear that I am going to put this here. It’s up to you. And, since now, I am sorry about my poor and ‘dirty’ English. ;o)
Hi! I think that I am the newest blogger of the world. Yeah. I don’t know exactly. The only thing that I do want to say is that I am not north-american and that I am not going to say who I really am, ok?! I don’t want to be a star. I don’t to be famous. The only thing that I really want is to write whatever I want because I need to this now. I am like a character. I am Lua. Lua, in Portuguese, means moon. I like this name. The only thing that I will say is that I am brazilian. I am writing in English because I really want to practice this language that I really have to learn. It’s just it. I have another blog, but I just don’t want to let you know who I really am. Who likes Lua, it’s not going to like Fernanda. I am a very different person for my character, but we just feel the same. So, for now on, I am Lua. And you?!